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International Human Learning Resources Network


Dear IHLRNers and Friends,

The IHLRN conferences were started by Virginia Satir over 50 years ago as a way to come together in community, learn from each other and have a lived experience of the Satir Model. Now, we need your help in continuing to make this possible. Our operating expenses have been increasing each year. We face new expenses for website administration, insurance, and accounting. We are barely breaking-even on our conferences, yet passing these costs on to participants would make our conferences even more expensive and out of reach. 

Additionally, the number of participants is decreasing each year as our membership ages and our supporters are unable to travel as easily. While we have made significant strides in attracting new and younger members through our collaboration with Satir Global, the net result is still a smaller base of attendees.

The site committee works very hard to find beautiful places at a good price point, however hotel costs have increased 25% this year alone. Our base of future attendees do not necessarily have the financial resources to afford the kind of conference sites we have all enjoyed in the past. As a community we need to respond to the “writing on the wall.” IHLRN is not sustainable if our conferences are not affordable!  

To address these challenges, the board has decided to initiate this fundraising campaign: The Legacy Fund. This fund will help underwrite our conferences and provide additional scholarships in an effort to attract new and younger attendees who may become part of our community. 

An anonymous donor has pledged $10,000 if we can raise a matching $10,000. We ask that you consider giving whatever you can, and if you can, please be generous. Our goal for 2023 is to raise the matching $10,000.

IHLRN is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible. You will receive a tax receipt after you have donated. You may even wish to consider making IHLRN part of your estate plan, donate in honor or memory of someone you love, or to set up an annual scholarship in the name of a loved one. (so many of our dearest founding members have passed).

We are grateful for however you can help.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!

Legacy Committee and IHLRN Board


(Please fill out and return with your contribution)

Name: ______________________________________________


In Honor of :_________________________________________


In Memory of:_______________________________________

  • PLATINUM$5,000
  • GOLD$2,500
  • SILVER$1,000
  • FRIEND$250


FUND NAME: ___________________________________

          ( i.e. The John Doe Memorial Scholarship)

Please make checks payable to IHLRN

Mail the contribution form with your check to:

IHLRN Treasurer:

Andris (Andy) Baltins

1562 Camino Del Mar

Unit 432

Del Mar, CA 92014