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In creating IHLRN, it was Virginia Satir’s intent to create a welcoming and inclusive community in which participants could learn from each other, from the experience of being in the group, and present new or original material AND be in a beautiful and inspiring setting. This week long meeting offers a unique opportunity for learning, sharing and fellowship in the Satir model.Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.

“ I want you to get excited about who you are, what you are, what you have, and what can still be for you. I want to inspire you to see that you can go far beyond where you are right now.”
-Virginia Satir, from Peoplemaking

We are a variety of people from different countries, different types of work, different age groups, brought together by our use of Satir's work in our personal and professional lives. We meet most often but not always in the United States and every few years in another country, always in a beautiful setting. Since the conferences are a week long and in interesting locations, we take one day, usually Thursday, as a "free" day. Accommodations and virtually all meals are included in the price. Scholarships may be available.

In her lifetime Virginia Satir established two organizations that are still going strong many years after her death in 1988. One is The Virginia Satir Global Network whose mission is to further the creation of healthy and just relationships, based on the teachings of Virginia Satir. Click The Virginia Satir Network website to visit their website. The other is The International Human Learning Resources Network (IHLRN) which is an organization of professionals who have studied with Virginia or who use her methods in their work.

Community was very important to Virginia and this association has been meeting for 50 years continuing to bring together people who were closely associated with Virginia and those who were interested in her ideas. Virginia had a rare ability to use the group to touch the best in each individual and nurture potential.

What makes this conference unique:

**  Non-traditional conference format – the schedule of workshops is established at the conference.  The morning is a plenary followed by small break out discussion groups and the afternoon has three choices of workshops for each time slot

** Any participant may offer a workshop. Though most topics are clinical and about the Satir model, topics range, based on the expertise and interests of those participating

**  International  in scope – there are opportunities for sharing and networking with clinicians from other countries

** Continuing education credits hours are available for many workshops
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International Human Learning Resources Network (IHLRN) is an organization that was begun by Virginia Satir in 1970 to foster human growth and development by means of a conference.

This conference focuses on innovations in family therapy and intervention tools that she and others had developed, and other recent developments.