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Please Note: We don't refer to ourselves as "members" but rather Associates.

You can choose to become part of IHLRN as an Associate in two ways:

1. Register to attend our annual conference.
When you register for the conference, you automatically become an Associate of IHLRN. Go to the Conference on the menu to learn more about our annual conference and to register. You Do Not need to join again here.

2. Sign up to join our mailing list.
If you will NOT attend the annual conference but wish to join or remain on our mailing list, there is a $25 annual fee to become/remain an Associate. This fee covers the cost of sending your copy of our annual newsletter What's in the Pot? , the contact list and other mailings as well as other association expenses.

Click here to sign up ONLINE to become an Associate and be on our mailing list  Join Our Mailing List
Click here to sign up using a printable paper form to become an Associate and be on our mailing list 2020 Mailing List Signup Paper Form