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Workshop Proposals
not offering CECs

Complete this form Workshop Proposal (No CECs) to propose an online workshop not offering CECs for the 2020 Online Conference.
When your form is complete, click the submit button at the bottom of the form. Your form will be send to the Program Committee for consideration.
You must register to attend the Conference in order to present a workshop.
Proposals must be submitted no later than September 15. 

We will be scheduling workshops in advance due to the technical limitations of our online Zoom format.
Workshops will be 1.5 hours in length and will be recorded for later viewing on IHLRN's website.
Each workshop will have a Zoom administrator to assist the Presenter. 
The Conference will be 2 days in length with 2 afternoon time slots (1:30 & 3:30) for workshops with 3 concurrent workshops offered during each time slot.
This means there will be a total of 12 workshops available, some offering CECs and some not offering CECs.

The Program Committee will select workshops from the proposals submitted & notify each submitter as to whether his/her proposal has been selected.
We are very appreciative of all proposals submitted and sorry we may not be able to select all proposals.

Online Conference 2020

Now More Than Ever...
Peace Within,
Peace Between,
Peace Among

November 14-15, 2020
On Zoom