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IHLRN scholarships are intended to provide financial support to new and existing members

whose financial situation would make it difficult to attend the conference without financial assistance. These awards may cover only a portion of the conference fees, depending on the budget and number of applicants. Application deadline is?????

IHLRN is looking for people who will maintain and build upon the legacy of IHLRN by contributing or helping during the conference. Our guidelines for determining financial

assistance awards include:

Diversity – IHLRN is interested in building a multi-cultural community 
Person indicates interest in assisting with conference in other specific ways

• Professional orientation – person will use conference experience in a professional


• Financial need

• History with IHLRN

Financial assistance awards will not be offered to a person more than once every three years. Assistance is intended to help with conference fees only and not travel expenses.

If you have questions about the process or your application, contact Cindy Rosner at 608-249-7480,
or  click here to email your questions or your application to her   Email Scholarship Coordinator 

Please click this linkScholarship Application Form 2020  to download the paper form in MS Word format. Print and fill out the form and mail or email your completed form to our Scholarship Coordinator at the address on the bottom of the form.