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2019 Programs and Conference Format

Many programs will be offered at the week-long 50th Annual IHLRN Conference at The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego, California, USA. This conference continues to create a week of learning and networking among those who are interested in Virginia Satir's therapy work. The conference culture encourages personal growth and interaction between participants.

An open-university format provides structure for the participants to create their own program. All conferees are encouraged to offer workshops and so all presenters are volunteers and are under no obligation to present. The workshops range in variety to include and go beyond a core interest in family therapy. The conference culture encourages personal growth and interaction between participants. After 49 years of annual meetings, the IHLRN conference's culture of professional learning has proven remarkably resilient.

The program registration requirements are quite simple: be a current Associate of IHLRN and attend the 2019 50th IHLRN Annual Conference.

IHLRN and Virgiinia Satir Gobal Network co-sponsor programs that have approval by NBCC for continuing education credit hours. Although there may be many more programs available, only the following workshops may offer continuing education credit hours.

International Human Learning Res
ources Network (IHLRN) is an organization that was begun by Virginia Satir in 1970 to foster human growth and development by means of a conference.

This conference focuses on innovation in family therapy and intervention tools that she and others had developed, and other recent developments.

Monday Evening

Independent filmmaker Karina Epperlein will provide a screening of her film Finding the Gold Within
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Finding the Gold Within shows six young Black men from Akron, Ohio blossom in front of our eyes through their struggles and triumphs of four years in college. In intimate interviews and in the reunion circles of the unique mentoring program called Alchemy, they share insightfully and with emotional rawness. Founder and director of Alchemy, Dr. Kwame Scruggs – who is Jungian trained – and his co-facilitators are Black elders of the community. Alchemy’s long-term youth mentoring (3 - 7 years) uses mythological storytelling, ritual, journaling and sharing in all male circles. The young men's vulnerability, combined with high levels of confidence and self-reflection, invites us to understand what it means to be young, Black and male in America.(2 min Trailer:GoldTheFilm )

Program Content Description and Learning Objectives

Check back after June 1 to see programs offering Continuing Education Credits (CEC)
The Dana on Mission Bay